Why am I doing this? Oh, right

Things, people, and fun,
No way to keep track of it,
Man, this is awesome!

My desk is at a prime location. I'm 20 steps from a Wii, a kitchen, a field for Frisbee, a massage chair, and lots of crazy people with Nerf guns. It's too bad that a lot of the cubes around me are empty for the moment; I guess they're being held open for interns that will be getting here later in the summer.

I never realized how many Canadians come to California.

My monitor is so big, I can't find a background to fit it properly.

Asian pears and jicama? Anytime I want? Amazing!

I want post cards.

2210 Rock St. #18
Mountain View, CA 94043

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Sarah said...

Correction: Our zip code is 94043.