The City

Hidden on a roof,
One can find fun, but do the
Tourist-y thing, too!

Not enough good stuff can be said about the City. SF is awesome! We spent a day (Saturday) doing all the obligatory tourist activities (riding cable cars, looking across the bay at Alcatraz, watching the crazy seals duking it out at Pier 39, eating Boudin's clam chowder and sourdough bread, stopping through China Town). There are some cities where the tourist things are positively stupid, but I didn't feel cheated at all by any of those activities. The cable car, especially, was amazing. I think there were a number of locals who used it as normal transit, too, which was cool.

Evan and I found a waterfall on a rooftop to splash through, which made the rest of the evening interesting. And damp. And cold. One view that was really great was from the base of Coite tower. Steven had been there before, I guess, but it was awesome to see the city sprawling out beneath us. I was a little surprised, actually; as I was walking around, it seemed like a pretty short place. You know, mostly full of little 2- or 3-story houses and whatnot. But from up there it seems to be all skyscrapers. The Americorp building is pretty neat-looking.

Laser tag should also be mentioned! Everyone loves it! Even full-timers, apparently. One of the guys who works near my desk came with all the crazy college kids. And kicked our asses. Royally.

"Versus" has again showed me that goofy, ridiculous, imported zombie action movies have a special place in every person's heart. I think I made about half a dozen converts this weekend.

Did you know that brown boxes + white boxes = Pac Man + Blinky?

Ralph Nader came today. Most of his talk boiled down to: "I exist! Other politicians suck! Technology is evil!" A pretty ballsey speech to give at Google, eh?

There should be a couple new interns moving into my cube tomorrow! I'm excited! Also, Sam will finally be getting in!

Anyway, I guess I'm off to be productive. I sort of hope my Canadian accent starts wearing off. :\

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Anonymous said...

Canadian accent?!
Also I really hope you're taking lots of pictures!
That's about what Ralph Nader said at DePauw too :( Boring, but it was like, "You're famous, so I guess I'll sit here and watch you talk about nothing"