Just Settling In

A list of people living in our apartment: Steven, Sam, Sarah, and Savage!!

We find this pretty amusing. We haven't met Sam yet (but he's from Independence, MO, which is the other side of Kansas City from where I grew up, so I'm sure we'll have lots to talk about), but Steven is pretty much the best roommate you could have (besides Melissa, of course). He took care of all the furniture stuff (it looks amazing and he got great deals on all of it -- made sure we all had beds) and walked us to the right building for work on Tuesday. Unfortunately, we rarely see Steven since he (and now we) are at work for so long. Notice I say at work, not working, since I currently am at work and am obviously not working anymore. The fact is, as awesome as our apt is, it doesn't come close to beating Google (plus we don't quite have internet there yet, so that put Google even farther in the lead). It's just more fun to stay at work than to go home. :)

Mountain View is beautiful. The rose blossoms are larger than your head! And everyone has a garden. I guess it doesn't take too much talent to have a green thumb in this kind of weather. It's usually in the low sixties in the mornings and evenings, and the mid seventies during the day. The only time I've ever seen clouds has been in the morning on the way to work, otherwise it's clear.

The team of people I'll be working with this summer is amazing. They're all really laid back and incredibly smart. I especially like my "manager," though I hear that the PC graveyard that surrounds my desk is thanks to him. He evidently collects them when people leave... eight of them at the moment (only two hooked up). I also have a large gymnastics ball which I sometimes use instead of my desk chair, a google bean bag, some golf clubs, a bike, a box of clothes and some old monitors lying around my space. Oh, and most important of all, there's Sally at the desk next to me. She's the other intern for the team, but she's been here for the winter already and she'll be leaving in a few weeks. :( This is unfortunate because I rather like her a lot. I wonder if someone new will come in to that desk or if I'll be all alone after she's gone. I'm not entirely alone; the majority of my team is in the "cubicle" space next to me. They evidently were tired of not being able to see the interns, so they knocked down the top half of the wall separating us. This is great for talking... but not so great if you need to walk over to another person's desk. To do this you must either walk all the way around the corner, or climb over the half wall (using one of the graveyard computers for a step, of course).

I suppose that's all for now. I have much more to talk about, but I'll have to save it for another post. We're still working on a better blog title, so let us know if you have any suggestions.

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