More of the Valley

Small town festivals
And pretentious campuses
Can be seen from bikes.

So it isn't just computer companies here in the Valley. There seem to be real people, too! Evan and I took a trip to the Mountain View something-or-other Arts Festival and checked out some really nifty artwork by people in the area. One guy had made a Chinese dragon out of a bike chain. The best part of the festival, though, might have been the crepes (three berry and strawberry/nutella) that we had for breakfast.

It was good to just chill today. After the art festival there was some pool chillin' time, and then a trip to Stanford. I was thrilled that there was a set of really pretentious-looking guys in matching red blazers and white pants carrying messenger bags and riding their bikes around campus. I sorely wanted their picture, because that's basically exactly the stereotype I associate with Stanford-type places, but my camera wasn't out, unfortunately.

There were some crazy satellite dishes that we visited, too, up on a lonely hill. The view of the rest of the Valley was amazing, but it was a little bit gross to see the smoggy haze sort of hanging over it. I guess that's the price of technology.

This freak heat wave is throwing me off. I guess there are record highs being set in lots of places in this area. I hope it cools off again... 95 is not good Frisbee weather!

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