Prisoner of Azkaban... I mean Alcatraz

Yesterday we lugged our bikes onto the Cal-Train and rode it to the end of the line in San Francisco (about an hour ride). We then biked along the piers until we got to a cruise ship (really a ferry, but whatever) that made trips out to Alcatraz island. After a short and windy ride, we got to the island. Not as impressive as I would have expected it to be... just a few buildings and rubbish piles. They gave us headphones that directed us through an audio tour of the main cell block. I've never seen such tiny jail cells (not that I've seen many to begin with...). Looked pretty miserable. However, the view of San Francisco was unbeatable. I suppose that would be the worst part of being imprisoned there - being able to look out at all the people freely living their lives just a mile and a quarter away.

When we got back we watched The Rock -- an awesome movie starring Sean Connery as John Mason, an escape artist who was the only prisoner to successfully escape from Alcatraz. Amazing!

Now I'm off to procure a library card.

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