Dirt, caked into my skin,
A thousand years of redwoods,
Some burnt, most still grand.

Big Basin is only an hour from here, and the scenery there is phenomenal. I can't believe I hadn't visited there before today! Robby set up a hike for all of us through the park. It was awesome. The waterfalls, the trees... just getting back to nature after spending my week staring at a screen was pretty much the best thing ever.

It was strange to see the ravages of the fire, too. Seeing such majestic towers with dark scars like that...

I'm tired, though. 10 miles through hills was intense. We all got super dehydrated, too, because we didn't realize that we would be going on such a big hike.

Post hike, Robby, Doug, Evan, and I managed to get lost. Well, mostly me. We found Santa Clara, though. :P

For Mehul's birthday, we went out for dinner at a delicious Indian place. Mmmmmm....

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Sarah said...

10 miles?!? It was totally 12 miles. :)