Extreme Soreness

Gah! My frickin' legs!
At least I got a nice tan
For compensation.

Right. Too bad that isn't good enough. I spent 5 hours (ish) playing Ultimate this weekend against people from Apple, Facebook, and Yahoo! It was an awesome tournament, to be sure, but I was awfully tired afterwards. Which meant, of course, that I had to go on a 20-25 mile bike ride with Steven and Evan through SF the next day. It was gorgeous! I didn't know that LucasArts was based in SF, either, so that was neat to see.

I have to say that biking across the Golden Gate bridge was pretty rewarding, too. Despite the fact that, while going around the columny pillary things, I almost blew off. Ridiculous wind!

And then there was Ghiradelli square. I got the MOST AMAZING ICE CREAM SUNDAE ever! Scoop of mint dark chocolate chip ice cream + dark hot fudge + scoop of dark chocolate ice cream + more dark hot fudge + whipped cream + nuts + little square of Ghiradelli mint dark chocolate = very happy Valkyrie.

I'm enjoying the sense of camaraderie that's beginning. Randomly on the train Evan, Steven, and I started talking to some guys who happen to be interns at Apple. We even had lunch with them. Gasp. But I think that all the inter-company intern things could be a lot of fun. I'm looking forward to the currently-nebulous Google-Apple soccer game or CTF game. :D


Anonymous said...

*is jealous of sundae*
Your weekend sounds like it was awesome. I hope you're taking some pictures!
We've been hanging out with some interns from EA who are cool despite the fact that they refuse to tell us what new game they're working on... :)

Valkyrie said...

I don't take pictures... but my friends do. Check out Steven's albums. Also, my friend Pat takes pictures: picasaweb.google.com/patfair