The Penny Saver, an Answered Prayer

With living in a real apartment (as opposed to one on campus) I've started getting my first junk mail. Today's post brought me the Penny Saver. I had thought that the internet, helped along by ebay, had replaced this kind of printed "for sale" advertising, but I was much mistaken. I didn't find any couples wanting to adopt (as featured in the movie "Juno"), but I did find quite a few posts thanking various saints for miracles and answered prayers. Nestled between an advertisement for a collection of cassette tapes and one for like new designer purses was an add thanking St. Jude for "Miracles on my hours of Despair." I don't know if St. Jude reads the Penny Saver, but I rather enjoy thinking about him sitting around and poking through his junk mail.

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Lucas Seiden said...

You just ruined Juno for me! I haven't seen it yet! Just kidding. Have you also been getting junk mail addressed to the previous 50 tenants that lived in your apartment? Maybe that's just an Emporia thing.

I know what you mean about the spell check thing. Yesterday, I was horrified to find myself on a computer that didn't use spell check in every text field, and I was worried that I'd misspell some really common words. Actually, I think the computer I'm on right now doesn't use spell check. I hope I didn't misspell "misspell."...